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Welcome to Ringwood U3A, which was formed in 2012. We are a friendly club with some 200 members and more than 20 interest groups. Please take a look around the site to discover what we can offer to those who are no longer in full time employment. New members are always warmly welcomed.

Annual membership of Ringwood U3A is just £24 payable at the commencement of the year in September. This is reduced pro-rata throughout the year for new members only. Prospective members are welcome to attend up to 3 monthly meetings by paying £3 at the door however only full members may join the groups.

Monthly meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 2-4pm at Greyfriars. Please click the 'Meetings' button for more information.

All groups are organised and led by members with most taking place in members' own homes so that they are small and friendly. Full members may join as many interest groups as they wish at no extra charge unless the group has to hire a room when there will be a small additional cost.

Please click the 'Group Info' button to see details of all groups. If you would like to know more or after joining wish to join a particular group please contact the Group Leader - contact details are on the Group Info pages.

Please contact any of the Committee Members for general information.

Latest news

Please note that whilst every effort is made to keep this page and indeed the whole of the website current there may from time to time be a delay in updating the information provided. If you see anything that needs amending please advise Hazel.

DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID 19 PANDEMIC MONTHLY MEETINGS ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED - WE HOPE TO RESUME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please keep yourself safe and continue to wash your hands with soap and warm water thoroughly and frequently. If you feel unwell stay home and ring 111 for advice.

IN ORDER FOR THE CLUB TO CONTINUE AFTER THE AGM IN OCTOBER WE URGENTLY NEED TO RECRUIT A TREASURER BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER. In addition we require a Speaker Secretary. Don't let our club fold if you can volunteer for either of these roles.

If we are able to continue after October we also need volunteers for small groups to monitor our website and organise a Christmas event.

Following the lifting of Covid restrictions some Groups (Walks, Petanque, New Forest and Beyond and Mens Group) are hoping to recommence some activities - please check with the relevant Group Leaders.

We will continue to maintain our monthly meeting room in Greyfriars from 2-5pm on the third Thursday of the month, should any group wish to use this facility for up to 30 people please contact Audrey.

If you are at home socially isolating you may like to know that there is a 'Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance' website '' (01425 542031) where you can find information or ask for help.

Our Chairman, Pete Jackson's health continues to improve. The Deputy Chairman, Nigel Bonynge, has taken over the reins for the time being.

Whilst the Committee are not currently meeting we are in email contact and have agreed that Membership Renewals will be waived for the year and will not be due again until September 2021.

FUTURE PLANNING - We are currently and urgently seeking to fill vacancies on the Committee, a replacement Meeter and Greeter, an additional person to hopefully assist the Groups Co-Ordinator, and a replacement Communications Officer. In addition to the roles mentioned above. THE STARK TRUTH is that without new Committee members, Group Leaders and active members our club will cease to function.

Hazel has now retired from the Committee but will continue to administer the website and produce the programme leaflet in a non-committee role.

Could you recognise all your Committee Members? Why not take a look at the 'WHO'S WHO' on the website under 'Documents' or the printed copy on the Noticeboard at monthly meetings.

Please remember to wear your MEMBERSHIP CARD BADGES to monthly meetings. Visitors will be given a temporary (yellow) badge so members will be able to identify them easily and make them feel welcome by using their name. New members may have a sticker on their badges (if they choose this option). Please note that all attendees at Monthly Meetings should still sign in at the Welcome Desk.

Please could all members endeavour to seek out and talk to our VISITORS (who can be identified by their yellow name badges) and any new members. Tell them about our groups and help to make them feel welcome. If you would be prepared to volunteer to be a 'buddy' for new members please contact Pete or Janet.

The Club is reliant on willing VOLUNTEERS to serve not only on the Committee but also to be HOSTS of interest groups. With a group membership of over 200 leading to some existing groups being oversubscribed we are keen to encourage the formation of new groups. Being a Host does not need to be onerous, it can simply be an admin role or perhaps one of providing a room in your home as a meeting place (groups requiring to use meeting rooms should be self funding although start up costs can be met by agreement of the Committee). If you have an interest in a specific topic please contact Audrey to discuss how we can help facilitate a new group with your help. Members have indicated that they would be interested in joining Spanish, French and Theatre Groups but we need HOSTS to take these forward.

Would you like to be part of a FRENCH CONVERSATION Group? If so please register your interest with Audrey on 01425 478071 or email her on

We would like to look at the possibility of SHORT COURSES on specific topics (perhaps 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks) - perhaps you have an interest or life skill in a particular topic/subject that you could pass on to other members? Please talk to Audrey on 01425 478071 or email her on

We know that members would like to take part in more groups than we currently have available or possibly those groups that we have are already full however we need more detailed information in order to gauge interest. PLEASE send an email to Audrey stating what you would be interested in joining. See further down this page for information on groups that have vacancies.

June Edwards and Barbara Colman continue to look after the meeting REFRESHMENTS however they need the help of at least one other each time. We have a sign up sheet located on the Welcome Desk so if you are able please volunteer to assist.

The latest, PROGRAMME LEAFLET can be found on the website (last updated 04.09.20). Printed copies will be available at monthly meetings and (once monthly meetings recommence) also from The Gateway or Greyfriars literature display although the latter may not always be the latest version. On occasion a speaker may have had to cancel and a replacement arranged, in these circumstances the information on an older programme may be out of date. If you spot anything that needs amending please let Hazel know by emailing

CONTACT DETAILS for Group Hosts and Committee Members can be found on the Current Leaflet which can be viewed or downloaded from this website. You can also email Group Hosts via the Groups button.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (ICE) CARDS. The U3A have produced small 'credit card size' cards which fit easily into a purse or wallet to provide essential details in case members are taken ill at an event, particularly if on a walk or on a trip away from Ringwood. The idea is that you write your name, who to contact with a phone number and any medications, conditions or allergies on the card and KEEP IT WITH YOU. Then, if needs be, someone can find the card and have the appropriate information. Please pick up a card and fill it in then pop it in your purse/wallet - that way someone will be able to help you if necessary. Cards will be available from the Welcome Desk at monthly meetings or from Group Hosts.

WHIST - DUE TO THE CURRENT SITUATION THIS ACTIVITY HAS BEEN PUT ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This new group is doing really well with some 16 U3A members and St Ives residents attending twice monthly on Wednesdays at 2pm. Whist is a very social card game and The St Ives Country House Care Home, Horton Road, Ashley Heath are providing their very comfortable ground floor lounge with a dozen 4 chair tables, complimentary tea-coffee and free parking (use the Visitors Car Park please - on the left as you drive in the gates but if full go to the overflow which is down the turning on the right). Initial help, written instruction sheets and all necessary cards and score sheets will be provided. If interested in attending please contact Terry Smith on 01425 471880 or Russ Doody 01425 480256.

THE NEW FOREST AND BEYOND GROUP are planning a range of outings. If you would like to join this group and receive details of planned events please register with Jo. Once things return to some sort of normal we will have a day at Winchester - guided walk around the City then a guided tour of the Hospital of St Cross, visits to Whitchurch Silk Mill, Avington Park and more.

The National U3A Day has now been rescheduled to Wed 2nd June 2021. We are hoping to run an 'awareness raising' event in Ringwood, possibly in The Furlong, with a view to encouraging new membership. More info when available.

BOOK GROUP 4 which takes place on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 2pm has space for a few more to attend. Please ring Mary Brindley on 01425 489710 if you would like to join.

There are places available with the Monday morning TABLE TENNIS group and possibly a new group on alternate Tuesdays. If you are a reasonably competent player with a sense of humour and can resist the urge to 'spin' please contact Sylvia. THIS GROUP IS NOT CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE.

In addition to Book Group 4 and Table Tennis places are also available in Family History, Healthy Living, Craft, Mah Jong 4, Informal Art, Petanque, Board Games, Singing For Fun, Whist and Photography Groups as well as New Forest and Beyond and Pub Lunches. If you are interested in joining any group please contact the Host and if there is no place immediately available ask to be put on a waiting list - if sufficient members wish to take part forming a new group may be viable.

Did you know that singing is good for our general feeling of wellbeing and in particular our brain function - why not give it a try and come along to our 'SINGING FOR FUN' group which is held in Greyfriars from 1pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. All members are welcome to join - no audition required! Men would be particularly welcome to bolster up the deeper tones! Feel free to just turn up on the day for a 'taster' session. A small charge per 'term' is made to cover room hire and refreshment costs. If interested please contact June. DUE TO THE CURRENT SITUATION THIS ACTIVITY HAS BEEN PUT ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

The 'SINGING FOR FUN' group are trialling an additional session from 10.15-12 on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at The St. Ives Country House Care Home (Horton Road, off the Ashley Heath roundabout - park in the Visitors car park to the left of the entrance, if full there is an overflow down the turning on the right. The home are offering us free use of their lovely facilities with refreshments in exchange for their residents being able to attend. The home now have their own piano so Peter will be pleased. Why not come along and join in with our group singers, staff and residents for some of the well known songs. Please contact June on 01425 472769. THESE SESSIONS WILL NOT TAKE PLACE DURING THE CURRENT HEALTH CRISIS.

It's been suggested that a SCRABBLE Group would be well suited to use the facilities at The St. Ives Country House Care Home who are offering us free use of their lovely facilities with refreshments in exchange for their residents being able to attend. If this is something you would be interested in please contact Audrey IF THIS GOES AHEAD IT WILL PROBABLY START IN THE AUTUMN.

Please remember that we have a RED SUGGESTION BOX at our Monthly Meetings. We would love to hear any of your ideas. We'd love to hear from you either by a note left in the box or of course direct to a Committee Member by email.

We have a 'button' on our website for 'WEB LINKS' - if you click on this you will find links to Greyfriars Community Centre, the National U3A and also to the new Ringwood Community Network which we have joined as an Associate Member. The purpose of this network, set up by Ringwood Rotary, is to establish better communication between the various local organisations and charities in order to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Ringwood so please check it out to find a diary of events to attend and organisation who are looking for volunteers.

New PHOTOS of group activities are always welcome for the website so if you can take a nice picture when you are part of a group or event please do (having first established that everyone is happy to have their picture published) and email them to Hazel.

Don't forget to look at the MEMBERS' ONLY PAGE (Noticeboard) on our website which gives members the opportunity to publicise non-U3A events that they have a keen interest in or to invite others to join them for something particular like a cinema trip or garden visit etc. It will not be used for 'selling' items. If you would like something posted to the Noticeboard please email full details to Hazel via the contacts page. Inclusion will be at the discretion of the Committee.

If you have a MOBILITY issue, either short or long term, that is preventing you from coming to the monthly meetings or attending a group please contact a member of the Committee to see if we can find a local member who could provide a lift.

How to join

If you are no longer in, or looking for full time employment you may join Ringwood U3A by downloading a membership form using this link or by emailing our Chairman, Pete Jackson.

When you have completed the form you may take it, and your £24 membership fee, to the Thursday monthly meeting.

Sorry, the we are not able launch your local email client. Please copy and paste this address - - into the To address box of your normal email & send the message from there.

Site update

This site will be undergoing a major upgrade which is expected to be available in the Autumn of this year. If you have any questions about becoming a member or need further information please contact Nigel or Pete who will be pleased to help you.